Leadin’ Lab is the laboratory for Leadership, Design and Innovation at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano. It helps leaders to create meaningful innovations and transform organizations.


When you enter Leadin’ Lab you join a circle of researchers and pioneering managers who address the novel challenges of value creation in a world overcrowded by information and ideas.
We combine action with research: we scan the context, conduct our own experiments, and develop new tools.
So that your decisions are informed by science.

Ultimately, our purpose is to enable you to master the landscape and the frontier of leadership, design and innovation, and become a thought leader who inspire others.


People search for meaning.
It has always been so.
But it is especially true now,
in this complex fluid world.

Our research, education and projects support you in creating meaning. To see your work and business as a way to make meaningful things that people love.


Bring value to your organization.


Research platforms.

Collaborate with us and be the first in solving today’s pressing challenges: How to engage people and make innovation happen for real? How to leverage the power of Design Thinking and digital?

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Educational Programs.

Master the landscape of Leadership, Design and Innovation. Learn through personal courses or tailor made organizational programs.

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Consulting projects.

Transform your business and organization. Leverage our methods and tools to find breakthrough directions, innovate your products and processes, nurture a new mindset and culture.

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Our collaborations

Leadin’Lab operates globally. We enjoy working closely with leaders and organizations.

We also enable consulting organizations to become partners in our network, so that they can offer their clients a certified, science-driven, support and a global perspective.

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DESIGN THINKING FOR BUSINESS OBSERVATORY:  We would thank the 28 companies that have contributed to the kickoff of the second edition of the Observatory Design Thinking for Business (09th May 2018). Stay tuned!

IDEALS, Innovation and Design as Leadership: IDeaLs is a global research platform pioneering new ways to engage people for making innovation happen. In cooperation with the Center for Creative Leadership and selected pioneering global organizations. Please contact us if you are interested to know more.

BE INSPIRED: If you are searching for reflection and motivation, here are some opportunities for you. Don’t miss Professor Roberto Verganti’s inspirational speeches during the Eureka Innovation Days 2018 in Helsinki (22-24th May 2018), the Experience Fighters 2018 in Madrid (6-7th June 2018) and the ISPIM Innovation Conference in Stockholm (17-20th June 2018).


Thoughts, events and other stuff.

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