Meaningful innovation in a World awash with ideas, Roberto Verganti | TEDxPolitecnicodiMilanoU


Meaningful innovation in a World awash with ideas, Roberto Verganti | TEDxPolitecnicodiMilanoU

In world overcrowded by opportunities, value comes by the capability to craft a meaningful vision.

Roberto Verganti

The art of criticism, which has been labeled as detrimental in the last few years, is instead the way to create value in our new current world, where ideas are abundant but novel visions are rare.
On May 25th 2017, Roberto Verganti, professor of Leadership and Innovation at Politecnico di Milano, and author of Harvard Business Press and MIT Press has delivered an inspirational speech at the TedxPolitecnicodiMilanoU. Professor Verganti shared with the audience why, in modern society, we need innovation by meaning’ more than ever and why this notion makes such sense in business today.

These and other reflections are further explored by Verganti in the MIT Press book “Overcrowded, Designing Meaningful Products in a World Awash with Ideas” (2017). If you are interested, please:

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