Observatory Design Thinking for Business Kick Off Second Edition

Observatory Design Thinking for Business Kick Off Second Edition

The Design Thinking for Business Observatory aspires to be the reference point for the community of innovators that adopt pioneering approaches such as Design Thinking in creating value for their businesses, look for new practices, and want to be in the right networks


On May the 9th 2018 the Kick-Off of the 2nd Edition of the Observatory “Design Thinking for Business” has taken place at Politecnico di Milano. The event involved about 70 people from more than 28 different companies operating in the Italian scene.

During the first part of the morning,
Roberto Verganti, Scientific Committee of the Observatory, has shared with the audience some reflections about the role of Design Leadership in a world awash with ideas. Thereafter, Claudio Dell’Era, Director of the Observatory, has illustrated the research areas which will be further explored throughout the second year of the Observatory.
In the second part of the morning, during an intense co-design session, participants have shared interesting suggestions and inspirations about different topics. Several Laboratories have focused on the main research areas of Observatory 2018:

– “Innovative Startups in the Design Thinking Ecosystem”;
– “Innovative Service Providers in the Design Thinking Ecosystem”
– “Leading Innovators in the Design Thinking Ecosystem”;

Some others have collected interesting suggestions about the organization of the 4 Design Thinking Jams that will take place in July, October, November 2018 and January 2019.

The entire Research Team would thank everyone for the great energy and the contribution. We are looking forward to make with you new steps of this challenging journey.

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