We contribute to disseminating knowledge in leadership, design and innovation
within different kinds of educational training programs for students and professionals.

Leadin’ Lab operates within Politecnico di Milano in providing academic training,
mostly concerning pre-experience programs for students
on the threshold of a professional career, and the PhD program.

On the other hand, we collaborate with the MIP Business School in training
those who have already started a professional career,
within executive and corporate training courses.



We address graduate and undergraduate students
who want to deepen fundamental knowledge and skills in leadership,
innovation and design for their future professional careers.


We address professionals, entrepreneurs or managers
who want to acquire new tools and knowledge in leadership, innovation
and design without giving up personal work commitments.


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The course aims to support future professional designers to understand how their innovation will impact the strategic and operational dynamics of the companies they design for.

The course aims to train professionals to manage a project in its entirety, recognizing the interconnections between the variables – organizational, technological, environmental, process – integrating planning and control techniques.

Comportamento Organizzativo

The course aims to provide students with the fundamental concepts of organizational behavior, which are then declined into the individual attitudes and skills needed to enter a professional setting.

The course aims to provide students with the tools to understand their role as leaders in society and business and to learn how to design possible innovative directions, understanding the dynamics of innovation processes within and across organizations.

Agile Innovation

The course aims to provide students with the knowledge and the tools to activate and control innovation processes, develop strategic thinking by creating a vision and manage innovation in highly uncertain environments.

Design Thinking for Business

Business Design and Transformation Lab

Vision and Change

The course is a unique journey in the strategy and innovation landscape, aiming to develop capabilities and skills to handle the challenges and opportunities of the digital technology in its disruption process.

The course aims to offer the students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the most recent discussions in Innovation research and to identify interesting research questions related to these themes.


You can find here the Theses Proposals that the Professors of LEADIN’ Lab
are currently offering and all the guidelines to be followed to
if you want to apply for one or more of theses proposals.


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The course allows to complete the cycle of fundamental skills for those who aspire to play, successfully, the role of Innovation Champion, internal (entrepreneur, manager) or external (strategy consultant) to the organization.

• Innovation and Design Leadership;
• Open and Collaborative Innovation;
• Platform Thinking;
• Retail Innovation;
• Design Thinking for Business.

The Executive Course in Project Management aims to develop and strengthen the skills necessary for an effective and efficient management of a wide range of projects: from radical to incremental projects, from industrial to organizational projects, from traditional to agile projects.

• Project Management Basics;
• Project Management Advanced;
• BPR: Analisi e riprogettazione di processi aziendali;
• Agile Innovation;
• Intercultural Project Management;
• La leadership per la creatività e l’innovazione;

Executive MBA


EXECUTIVE MBA and MBA are degrees designed to develop the skills needed by managers and entrepreneurs to accelerate their professional growth.

Specialized Masters

Specialized masters are master programs focusing on specific areas of management aimed to provide the candidate with the precise academic and theoretical framework to work in a specific management function.

Meaningful Direction Gym

The Meaningful Direction Gym aims to support professionals in the generation of radically innovative scenarios, the enhancement of individual and collective creativity, the visualization and communication of new strategic directions.

Fast Track Innovation

Design Thinking Gym

The Design Thinking Gym aims to support professionals in understanding the value of design in business, stimulating the synergy between analytical and intuitive thinking, knowing techniques and tools to support creativity.

Design Sprint Gym

The Design Sprint Gym aims to support professionals in enhancing the role of divergence and convergence in creative processes, supporting the rapid generation of new solutions, reducing design uncertainty through prototyping.


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